RO membrane blasting


Reverse osmosis membrane blastingSpecifications: blasting membrane (DN65 DN80 DN125 6 DN100 etc.


Reverse osmosis membrane blasting

Reverse osmosis membrane blasting  membrane blasting blasting diaphragm explosion-proof diaphragm water treatment and anti-blast film

Reverse osmosis membrane blasting


Reverse osmosis membrane blasting

Reverse osmosis membrane blasting Reverse osmosis membrane blasting

American EO reverse osmosis anti-blast film

American CDC reverse osmosis anti-blast film

Specifications: blasting membrane (DN65 DN80 DN125 6 DN100 etc.

PRESSURE 0.1-0.2 MPA 0.3-0.4 MPA

Blasting membrane materials: organic glass PVC

Blasting membrane origin: American Taiwan

In blasting effect: the membrane water side is installed to prevent anti-blast film produced back-pressure, causing damage to the reverse osmosis membrane.

In reverse osmosis water treatment field, back pressure is greater than the water side pressure product supply side pressure. Film bag with three adhesives bonding together, if the product water side pressure is greater than supply side pressure, so these sticky connection will be broken and cause the loss of membrane element or desalination rate decreased obviously, so from safe Angle consideration, reverse osmosis system can't exist back pressure.

Due to the reverse osmosis membrane filtration is driven by the pressure in the normal operation, when there is not back pressure, but if the system is normal or downtime, open and close the valve installed or improper, then there may exist, and must therefore be back-pressure properly solve problem of back pressure.

Working principle: blasting membrane, install a explosion-proof diaphragm pressure pipe ends, as in human weaknesses, when given the unit load rejection, pressure pipeline axons in place of the diaphragm rises and achieve the water pressure setting value, the diaphragm blasting, discharge pressure. In order to protect the system safety!


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