Guangzhou, Jieming water Treatment Equipment Co., dedicated to the development of water treatment in Southeast Asia. We have adopted advanced water treatment technology in Europe and America for seawater and brackish water desalination, industrial water treatment, pure water,ultrapure water equipment, drinking water, chemical separation, pharmacy, ion exchange systems, reverse osmosis systems,ultrafiltration systems, and undertake all types of water treatment works.

Engineering manufacture: Co., Ltd. has a group of professional engineers and skillful technicians of water treatment. In engineering design, material selection, design, engineering, installation and other aspects of each link, we hold people accountable for process monitoring and strict quality control.
New product development: We developed independently PLC man-machine interface pure water system and automatic computer remote control pure water system. This design is adopted by computer full control, providing comprehensive internet services on line and auxiliary control according to customer needs, it truly carry out intelligent human-machine dialogue.
Call-Center: Co., Ltd. have a high-quality professional services team with several call center and the spot storage site in the country. They are dedicated to provide customers with comprehensive, high quality, high efficiency of water treatment service. In the aspect of network, Jieming company has a services site online, customers can find the technical information and related services in need in "customer family".
Company philosophy:
Enterprise spirit: Responsibility, Cooperation, Devotion, Reputation, Sharping.
Development idea: Quality, Efficiency, Competition, Service.
Science &Technology development: safe, continuous and beyond.
Talent concept: Specialization, Profession.
Innovation concept: Unique characteristics, Forerunner

In intense market competition date today,Guangzhou Jieming will provide the best quality services for both new and old customers basing on strong technical strength, scientific manufacturing process, perfect customer service system, and continue to carry forward the spirit of non-stop for common development with customers,and create a better future together..

Main business
Water treatment projects:
Water / soft water / pure water / ultrapure water full systems engineering design, fabrication and installation, commissioning, technical advice and after-sale service .
Water treatment equipment:
Reverse osmosis, continuous electric desalination unit (EDI, CEDI), ultrafiltration devices, multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, softeners, iron and manganese removal, ion exchange equipment, ultrafilter and other soft water, pure water , ultra-pure water equipment.
Water treatment equipment and components: FRP tanks, disc filters, import and domestic multi-valve, stainless steel membrane shell, stainless steel ultrafilter, filter cartridges, reverse osmosis membrane,ultrafiltration membrane, dosing pumps, water pumps, UV , scale inhibitor, sterilizers, coagulant, resins.


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